I spent the past couple of weeks on Oahu for some much needed time off. Time to reconnect with myself, my husband and feel the earth beneath my feet. For me, there is no better place to do that than Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands mean a lot to me for many reasons. It was my home for four years, and it’s never stopped being my home, not really. We get back there whenever we can, and after slipping out of tight shoes and into “slippahs”, a part of me feels like I slip back into my old life too.

I can’t stress enough how important vacations are, especially if you’re self-employed. And I’m not talking about one of those vacations where you have your Apogee mic and ipad in your carry-on, although I do those kinds of trips too. I’m talking about the kind of vacation where you switch off. No auditions, no email at all. “But, but, but….what about all the potential work i’ll lose out on”? Trust me, there’ll be more work eventually. Remember what your job is actually about. How can you, as an actor, represent real life, when you’re stuck in a booth all the time?  Our job is to represent life, and no amount of movie watching and game playing is going to replace real experiences.

Personally, I really want to move back to Hawaii because I feel a little more in touch with what’s important when I’m there. I spend way too many hours in a 16 square foot booth, so when I get out, I want to feel the sand between my toes. I want to feel the ocean. I want to get in a kayak and feel strong and alive. Whether I’m looking up and seeing the surface of the water some 15 feet above my head while scuba diving, or watching leviathans glide by my kayak as I hold my breath and wait for them to move on, these are experiences that I can take into the booth and use to help inform my next performance.

And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, my trips to Hawaii have always taught me the importance of patience and making my own luck, as what happened this trip when we paddled out for a third time into the bay, and finally saw sea turtle after sea turtle, when before there had been none. It’s a reminder to me that the only way to get lucky is to keep putting yourself out there: PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION.

As for life in the Emerald City, it’s been a little chaotic: Plumbing issues, and, ahem, website issues. Oh, and while I was gone, this little gem came out:

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