New Book Release and All About the TARDIS

TARDIS booth
Phew, it’s been another hectic few weeks since my last post. I haven’t even gotten around to promoting my last audiobook release, Paranormal Intruder, a spooky British true story, which came out nearly a month ago. Well, aside from this interview I did for the author, Caroline Mitchell. Check it out!

Paranormal Intruder: The Audiobook Recorded in a TARDIS

Yes, I do in fact record in a TARDIS. It’s a great little professional recording setup which I have managed to fine tune to where I am pretty happy with the sound. It keeps out most street noise, and is filled with bass traps to keep away the dangerous boominess booths are usually known for. Plus, it cost way less to build than a Whisper Room! However, the unusually warm weather has been quite the challenge. Since doing this interview with Caroline, I recorded not one, not two, but three back-to back audiobooks in this booth, and have only just now come up for air. And the air in the booth is warm, let me tell you. Sometimes getting to the 80s. When I first built the booth, I did it in the winter time and I hadn’t yet started recording audiobooks, so I didn’t really needed to install a ventilation system. Clearly I need to fix that in the future, but in the meantime, my handy portable air conditioner seems to do the trick at cooling off the booth while I take a break.

Dark Futures Audiobook

Dark Futures

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been insanely busy these past few months, particularly in the audiobook department. So much so that it’s taken me this long to post about my first audiobook project, Dark Futures. Dark Futures features a selection of dystopian YA short stories by Meliss Marr, Kami Garcia and Carrie Ryan. I am so excited to have been able to work with these authors. I’m honoured that they chose me to narrate their book, especially since this was a book I probably would have paid to read anyway, being the nerdy girl that I am.

Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion

Kiri Nind Nancy Drew Last Fall I booked a job at local studio Her Interactive, voicing the role of Kiri Nind, a competitor and potential suspect for the newest Nancy Drew video game. Kiri was such a blast to play. A reality TV star. Manipulative. She says hilarious lines like “You best stroll on out, less you want to roll on out.” Kiri is from New Zealand which was a fun accent to try out. It’s tighter lipped than Australian but not as much as South African. I’m not sure that I didn’t sound more Australian as I got more into character, but it was still a fun time. Anyway, Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion finally came out May 20th and I decided to make a fun tribute to Queen Kiri.

New Blog Page!

I admit I’ve been hesitant about adding a blog to this website. I already run two other non-voice related blogs. Do I really want to add a third to the mix? But let’s face it, blogging is an excellent marketing tool, and I have so many new projects to share that it seems silly not to be using this space.

So what can you expect in upcoming posts? I’ll talk a little about my new audiobook projects, of which I am just beginning audiobook #3. I’ll talk about my new video game that just came out! You’ll also get to see my famous TARDIS booth. Not to mention, plenty of links to interesting VO articles as I come across them.

Just don’t expect daily blog posts. Because, really, I’d much rather just be talking…