New Book Release and All About the TARDIS

TARDIS booth
Phew, it’s been another hectic few weeks since my last post. I haven’t even gotten around to promoting my last audiobook release, Paranormal Intruder, a spooky British true story, which came out nearly a month ago. Well, aside from this interview I did for the author, Caroline Mitchell. Check it out!

Paranormal Intruder: The Audiobook Recorded in a TARDIS

Yes, I do in fact record in a TARDIS. It’s a great little professional recording setup which I have managed to fine tune to where I am pretty happy with the sound. It keeps out most street noise, and is filled with bass traps to keep away the dangerous boominess booths are usually known for. Plus, it cost way less to build than a Whisper Room! However, the unusually warm weather has been quite the challenge. Since doing this interview with Caroline, I recorded not one, not two, but three back-to back audiobooks in this booth, and have only just now come up for air. And the air in the booth is warm, let me tell you. Sometimes getting to the 80s. When I first built the booth, I did it in the winter time and I hadn’t yet started recording audiobooks, so I didn’t really needed to install a ventilation system. Clearly I need to fix that in the future, but in the meantime, my handy portable air conditioner seems to do the trick at cooling off the booth while I take a break.

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